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Thursday 13th November

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The second coworking get-together has been put forward as Thursday 13th November at 2pm at the Arts Picturehouse cafe. List yourself below if you can or can't come; feel free to drop in and out.


I'm Coming! :-)


  • Martin Kleppmann - blog, Twitter
  • Juan Delgado - blog - web . I can make it unless unforseen problems : )


I Can't Make it :-(


  • Dave Briggs - will be in Rotterdam teaching some housing association people to blog. Have fun folks!
  • Lee Mallabone - blog, working on-site with a client on Thurs & Fri for another month
  • Francis Rowland - LinkedIn
  • Chris Veness LinkedIn
  • Andy Field - Out and about but unfortunately not in cambridge. Hoping to make the next one
  • Peter Clark - blog, Twitter # Apologies for not coming, gosh I feel rough!


I Might Pop In Briefly ;-)



Notes from the meeting


Juan Delgado, Wallis Motta and Martin Kleppmann turned up. Some discussion points:

  • What will be the relationship between the providers of the coworking space and the people in it? A 'supplier-consumer' relationship, or 'from the community, for the community'? Juan said that if the organisation managing the space was perceived to be making a profit, he would approach it from a consumer standpoint; but if it was non-profit, he would be much happier to contribute e.g. spend time developing an online booking system. The others agreed.
  • There was general discussion on the technology/media/freelancing community in Cambridge, what opportunities there are for getting to know peers within the industry, why employees of companies e.g. in the science park appear to be interacting little with a wider community.

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