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This is a list of current Camrbidge Coworking members, please add a *brief* note about yourself and provide links to relevant resources for whoever might be interested. Thanks!


Lee Mallabone


Webapp developer, mainly rails, Java. Current projects and interests include facebook applications, webapps and iPhone apps.

dev blog. Very interested in brainstorming crazy social app ideas.


Peter Clark


Front End Stuff (JQuery, CSS, HTML), Back End Code (Ruby on Rails, PHP), lots of experience in usability, standards and mobile platforms.

Can be tempted into freelance work if you drop me an email. Also on twitter.



Juan Delgado


Flash and PHP developer profile (more Flash, though), currently up for freelance work.

Check out my site and blog for various projects, code samples, articles and general geeky talk.



Charlie Hull


Not been much of a developer for a while, but I can still manage C/C++, HTML, Javascript and a bit of Python. I have been a Windows application developer in the past. I'm more of a generalist these days as I'm MD of Lemur, who specialise in clever full text search technology (we're open source advocates as well, and have a completely open source search platform, Flax). I suppose my skills are in general project management, specification and delivery. 



Adrian Taylor


Purveyor of tools aimed at companies producing mobile phones: specifically Symbian OS and Android phones, at the moment. My aim is to produce and sell tools, but when that doesn't work, to fall back to the good standby of doing contract work in that area.



I am a strange mix - most of my tools are written in high-level languages like Java (specifically Eclipse plug-ins) and Perl, but most of them involve poking around and manipulating ARM assembler code and other nasty low-level Symbian OS nastiness. Company site www.macrobug.com, and blog here.



Nick Welsh | Mono Industries


Graphic artist, web designer & photographer; I work under the name Mono Industries. Established in 1994, the aim of Mono Industries is to help my clients communicate their messages in clear, coherent and interesting ways. Some of my recent projects include web sites for a security search company, a photographer, an insurance broker and an interior design company. I'm very interested in working collaboratively and maybe co-working at Eastern Court in 2009. Please E-mail me by clicking here. You can also follow me on Twitter. Thanks.

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