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CamCow - Coworking in Cambridge, U.K.


This wiki is to help present a coworking space in Cambridge, U.K. to the world. It grew out of discussion on the Refresh Cambridge mailing list. If you're looking for another Cambridge, you might want the one in Boston, U.S.A.


To edit the wiki use the key c@mbr1dg3


What is Coworking?

 Wikipedia says "Coworking is the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space."


Where do people cowork? 

A real coworking space has been created at Citylife Social Enterprise Centre



Who is Coworking?


See the Members page and there's also a Co-Working Google Group. To avoid spam on the list joining the group is by invation only. If you want to join please email Martin Kleppmann (martin at eptcomputing dot com).


Other locations were discussed involving organisations that might have desk space free which could be used. Those mentioned were:



Coworking meetings


The following gatherings have been held:



Some other Cambridge Groups and Communities



What's Happening Elsewhere



Other things to consider

(came up in a meeting between Martin Kleppmann and Charlie Hull on Mon 10th Nov)

  • How would people become members? Do we even need to think about restricting membership? Apparently The Werks have an informal 'vetting procedure' which works well.
  • What about commercial stuff? Again, The Werks have set up an agency to act as a thin layer between Customers and Geeks - apparently it makes things a bit easier for Customers who can deal with a 'real' company rather than lots of geeks. Maybe users could 'share' some commercial people.
  • Any rules or structures should be thin and only added when needed.



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