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Friday 7th November

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The first coworking get together has been put forward as Friday 7th November in the Arts Picturehouse cafe. List yourself below if you can or can't come.


Oh, a time would be good. How about from 2pm?


I'm Coming! :-) (but didn't)

  • Paul Canning - blog


I Can't Make it :-(


  • John Naughton - blog
  • Martin Kleppmann - blog, Twitter # Fridays generally don't work for me :(
  • Elizabeth Cook # Fridays don't work for me either
  • Mark Cheverton friendfeed - unfortunately going to be very busy with our efforts for 11 million day on Friday
  • Juan Delgado (blog, web) - Thursday would be fine for me. You guys have fun.
  • Francis Rowland (suddenly have to do family stuff - will aim to make it next time) - LinkedIn
  • Sue Keogh - have fun (I mean get lots of work done) website, Twitter, LinkedIn


I Might Pop In Briefly ;-)



....and the writeup:


Who Came?


Martin Clark of Citylife sent his apologies but says that their space on Newmarket Road may be ready some time next week.


We found the Arts wifi, took a while to get on it but it seems to work (it's called 'cambridge' and is completely open but pretty slow). Top marks to Chris for actually managing some of the 'working' part of 'coworking' ;-)


What did we talk about?


Some (idealised) requirements from a coworking space with who suggested them: 

  • Conference room \ mtg room available for meetings with clients/colleagues (all)
  • Hotdesks & power points
  • Good chairs (Peter)
  • Booking system for the above
  • Free wifi (all)
  • Be able to hire the entire space for weekend/evening events (Dave)
  • Free coffee & beer! (Bill)
  • Cost: Dave would be happy to pay £50 a month, others happy with this too!
  • A hang-around space for when one is waiting for a meeting in town (Dave)

  • A different place to work - a change of scene

  • no shouty salesmen, give them a soundproof room!
  • Stuff to use:
    • Photocopier
    • Scanner
    • Fax machine (Charlie has an old one to donate, but would need a phone line and frankly you can do fax online)
    • Videoconferencing facility
    • Projector (secondhand ones are quite cheap as the bulbs have a limited life, see eBay) & screen
    • Permanent web terminals for when you forgot your laptop (maybe built by Reboot who are based at the Citylife space)


Other points:

  • How can ARU help? Can they help locate equipment? Networking? Ask Caroline Hyde
  • Publicity & networking - we would need to publicise the existence of a group, use online resources, cam.misc, local paper, Cambridge Network

  • Could the local LUG and PythonUG meet there?
  • CB2 also has an upstairs room (Bill) - no reason we can't have more than one space of course!




  • Try and arrange a meeting at the Citylife space so people can see it
  • Thursday is  a better day for many people
  • Dave and Charlie not available next Thursday

Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 5:13 pm on Nov 7, 2008

maybe here is a good place for general discussion as opposed to filling everyones inboxes with pseudo refresh stuff ... :)
Apologies for being late! In the ~1hr of time I feel I made three really handy contacts, one of which I hope my employer will give some money too!
Deffo sign me up for the next one.

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