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Citylife Social Enterprise Centre

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Citylife Social Enterprise Centre


This building - Eastern Court, on the corner of Newmarket Road and Coldhams Lane, has recently been leased by Citylife, a local charity working in the area of social enterprise. Citylife are now accepting applications from coworkers to use the space.

The building already has several users, including Reboot on the ground floor, with Citylife Church (no relation!), Classworks Theatre and Menagerie Theatre all taking small offices above. Citylife themselves are located close to the ground floor reception.


You can see some pictures of the building, the more recent ones show it is tidy and functional - bear in mind though this is an elderly building and although functional, it's not beautiful.


Facilities include:

  • fast Wifi provided by CambridgeMatrix (there is fibre to the building provided by Redstone)
  • desks, chairs, lockable cabinets & cupboards
  • heating, lighting
  • power sockets
  • a small breakout or meeting room attached to the main space
  • a small kitchen with a fridge, kettle, dishwasher etc. attached to the main space
  • a 'chillout' area near the kitchen, partitioned with a sofa or two (currently this still needs a sofa!)
  • free use of a larger, well decorated conference room a corridor away


How do I join up?


See this Hotdesking membership.doc for more details. There are currently 12 coworkers using the space, more to come!


How do I get there?




By road: access either from East Road, via St Matthews Street and New Street - once off East Road turn immediately left, follow New Street until you come to a Give Way sign, turn left into Harvest Way. The entrance to Eastern Court is on your right. Or - from Coldham's Lane, turn into New Street and then immediately right into Harvest Way, again Eastern Court is on your right. Bear in mind parking is very limited.


By bus: there is a bus-stop for the Citi3 service (Cherry Hinton direction) on Newmarket Road just along from the front door, and another stop on the other side of the road for the Citi3 (Fison Road direction). The Citi3 bus calls at the rail station and a stop in the City Centre on St Andrew's Street next to the entrance to the Grand Arcade.


By bike: see the map above. Bike racks are coming!




We hope to run regular lunchtime and evening events - please suggest some! These could be informal chats about any subject you think might be of interest, or deeper presentations.


Wishlist - please add to this


If there's something the building doesn't provide, please say so here.


  • Bike racks - these are apparently being constructed.




Citylife have produced a PDF flyer


We have a draft CCICFlyer that we hope to have ready to hand out in some likely places (St John's Innovation Centre, pubs nearby, anywhere potential users will hang out).


We should also inform people on the following groups/media:


Melissa at Citylife will be working on a proper press release




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